Officer of the Lehigh Valley Area Local, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO are elected, by membership vote,
to serve three (3) year terms.  Any member in good standing is eligible to run for office.

President Andy Kubat   Tour One - Clerk Marty Kroboth
Executive Vice-President Chris Day     Faith Benner
Secretary Marty Kroboth     Rich Giering
Treasurer Faith Benner   Tour Two - Clerk Chad Beer
Sergeant-at-Arms Valerie Reichl     Keegan Mulcahy
Human Relations Director Kelly Johnson   Joseph Pavlo
Chief Trustee Bob Bauer Tour Three - Clerk Andy Kubat
Trustee Tom Burkhardt    Maintenance Mike Tecce
Trustee Vacant     Chris Day
CRAFT OFFICERS   Motor Vehicle Antonio Douglas
Clerk Craft Director Chad Beer   Andy Kubat
Maintenance Craft Director Mike Tecce Assosciate Offices - Clerk Chad Beer
Motor Vehicle Craft Director Antonio Douglas   Assosciate Offices - Maint Chris Day
    Shop Stewards are appointed by each respective
Craft Director with the approval of the President