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A/L Carryover & Exchange Limits Raised

 As they have done for the past few years, the USPS and APWU have agreed to increase the contractual limits for Annual Leave Carryover and Annual Leave Exchange Program.  These limits will apply to

  •  Annual Leave Carryover:  APWU career employees may carry over 520 hours of accumulated annual leave from leave year 2024 to leave year 2025.

  • Annual Leave Exchange:  APWU career employees will be allowed to sell a maximum of eighty (80) hours of annual leave prior to the beginning of leave year 2025 provided the following two (2) criteria are met:

    • The employee must be at the maximum leave carryover ceiling at the start of the leave
      year, and

    • The employee must have used fewer than 75 sick leave hours in leave year 2024.

  These MOU will expire with the conclusion of the 2025 Leave Year.

Read the Agreements

PPWU Scholarship Extended!

 PPWU Human Relations Director Donna Welch has reported that no applications have been received for the 2024 John T Boxler Scholarship.  After discussions with PPWU President Kim Miller, the Executive Board of the Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union has voted to extend the deadline to apply for the John T. Boxler scholarship.  The new deadline is September 30, 2024. . 

You can read the rules, and download an application HERE.

    The extended deadline to submit an application for the scholarship is September 30, 2024


USPS Pauses Network Plan Consolidations

    Postmaster General Dejoy has announced that the USPS is pausing some planned mail consolidations that are part of his 10-year Network Modernization plan.  This action comes in response to a letter signed by 26 Senators expressing concern that the Network Plan is deterioirating service to the American People.   Additionally, DeJoy also indicated that he would not move forward with any consolidation plants with first informing Congress.

     APWU Preisdent Mark Dimindstein commended the "union ranks, our community allies and many friends in Congress who have made and will continue to make their voices heard loud and clear."

     The APWU has requested a full, and accurate, list of consolidations that will be put on hold, as well as any potential impact on excessing of employees from one facility to another.

Read the Senators letter to DeJoy  Read Dejoy's Response 

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