Delivering title

  (none to date)


    Allentown's Airport Branch remains on the list of "Potential" Sectional Delivery Centers (SDC).  To date, no confirmation has provided that the office will become an SDC.  There have been several rumors circulating that the office will be converted to an SDC and carriers from several surrounding offices will be moved in.  At this point, these are only rumors. 

    What makes Allentown attractive as a potential SDC?  Location and SDUS.  The Airport Branch is close enough to several small post offices which would not result in unreasonable drives for the carriers to get to their routes.  Add to that, the Small Delivery Unit Sorter (SDUS).  Having the SDUS machine is a big draw as it would automate sorting of parcels to carrier route breakdowns

     What are the hurdles to Allentown becoming an SDC?  Space limitations.   Bringing carriers from other offices into the Airport branch would involve bring their equipment with them which all requires available floor space.  The carrier cases, an area for manual breakdown, staging area for mail to be worked, throwbacks, UBBM, etc...  All of these things take up space.  I won't say that Allentown is bursting at the seams, like the P&DC.  They could compress the Allentown carrier case areas, clean up wasted space clogged with garbage and equipment and make room for more cases.  How many carriers could they bring in?  Hard to say until they start doing it.

     Then there is the problem of parking.  If they were to bring 20-30 carriers (made up number) into the office that would mean an additional 20-30 LLVs, and 20-30 additional employee vehicles.  Parking is already a problem at the office as overflow employee parking has moved into the customer parking lot.